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The road to a better cityDriving change in Saint Louis

At RideFinders, our goal to drive change in St. Louis is backed by a commitment to protect our environment through more sustainable commuting options. To do this, it’s important to know where we are as a community and understand how our combined efforts can help build a healthier region.

The road to a better cityAcknowledging the problem

Of the 50 most populated metropolitan areas in the United States, St. Louis has the 3rd lowest proportion of carpoolers with only 7.1% participating. That leaves 1.68 million people commuting alone!

The road to a better cityhow you contribute

A commute of 20 miles per day, each week, produces over 90lbs. of toxic emissions. This creates more than 4,000lbs. per year for each commuter.

The road to a better cityhow it affects you

Even worse? Combine all solo St. Louis drivers, and a grand total of nearly 8 billion lbs. of pollution is emitted each year. That’s equivalent to the weight of 229 Gateway Arches! This is our home, and we’re polluting the air at an incredible rate.

The road to a better citydriving change starts with you

Perhaps you’d like to make a difference. Here’s what happens when you share the ride with just one friend for one year:

The road to a better city"You" becomes "us"

If only 15% of St. Louis' solo commuters shared the ride with 1-3 other people, we'd:

The road to a better citymake the commitment

If we come together and each make one small change, we can make a major impact on our region’s air quality. This Earth Day, let’s make a commitment to reduce vehicle emissions by carpooling with RideFinders.

Who is

Creating a culture of Sustainable Commuting is what drives us at RideFinders. Serving the 9-county St. Louis region, we work to remove excess cars from the road, eliminate harmful emissions and create connections among St. Louis area commuters. We’re helping commuters find transportation solutions through our free ridematching service, and we’re joining forces with over 900 area employers to give employees an opportunity to share the ride and build relationships with their coworkers by creating carpools and vanpools.

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What is

A carpool is two or more commuters who share the ride to and from work or college in their personal vehicles. Commuters either share the driving or, if a commuter does not have a vehicle, provide gas money to the commuter that drives. Those commuters can be spouses, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, students, or even individuals who meet through RideFinders.

What is

A vanpool is a group of commuters who share the ride to and from work in specific vans provided by RideFinders for a monthly fare, with each commuter serving in one of these roles:

Primary Driver: Receives a free commute in exchange for driving, fueling, and administering the vanpool.

Riders: Pay an equal monthly fare that covers the total monthly vanpool operating cost.

Back-up Driver: A rider who drives the vanpool when the primary driver is unable to drive.

What isSustainable Commuting?

On the surface, Sustainable Commuting is about reducing emissions and clearing our roadways through ridesharing. But it’s deeper than that. Sustainable Commuting is a lifestyle choice. It’s the desire to live a healthier life, to connect with others in the community, and to become a driving force for good in our region.

  • Ridesharing Is

    We’re fortunate to have a great city that has a great culture, amazing local cuisine, passionate sports fans, and so much more. Through ridesharing, we help preserve everything that makes our city great into the future.

  • Ridesharing Is

    Think about it: you’re already doing more this year to live a healthier lifestyle. Ridesharing fits right in as one more important change that can benefit yourself and your community.

  • Ridesharing Is

    Every car removed from the road makes every breath we take that much cleaner. It’s less traffic, and less traffic accidents. For you and the rest of our community, it’s a sustainable alternative to our current commuting system.

  • Ridesharing Is
    Saving Money

    Between repairs, preventative maintenance and fuel costs, driving alone is expensive. Save money by sharing the ride.

  • Ridesharing Is
    Driving Change

    Ultimately, the goal of ridesharing is to drive positive change in our city. It brings people together in a way our current commute can’t, and gives us all a common goal to make St. Louis a healthier place to live.

Ridefindersin your neighborhood

Spreading the word about Sustainable Commuting through ridesharing keeps us pretty busy. You’ll find us working to drive change at corporations like Boeing and Ralston Purina, chatting with students and staff at institutions like SIUE and SLU, talking about benefits at public agencies like the V.A. and mingling with start-ups at T-Rex. Check us out on social media to see what we’ve been up to, and keep up with the latest news, updates, and events from RideFinders.

How can youDrive Change?

Want your company to be a driving force for good in the St. Louis community? RideFinders Employee Transportation Coordinators, or ETCs, help organize vanpools and carpools within the workplace, significantly reducing your company’s carbon footprint and allowing your company to spearhead change in our city. Help your company make a difference, and sign up to be your company’s representative ETC today.

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